Legacy of Narainsamy Naicker 24-Apr-1946 to 30-Jul-2014

To mum, my brothers,  sister, sister-in-law’s, brother-in-law, grandchildren and great grandchild, family and friends. Today we celebrate the life of Mr Narainsamy Naicker born on the 24 April 1946. He was 68 years old when he suddenly said goodbye to us.

He was a man of many occupations, a husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and a teacher and to me a qualified horticulturist without a diploma or degree. He was a man who could barely sign his name but knew the scientific names of plants at his fingertips. He was truly GOD’s son who took care of GOD’s creation. Dad, you was Mr Green fingers. He carried out these responsibilities to the best of his ability and with pride and joy.

As a father he was a man of discipline. When Appa used to say “you shall not do this” he meant business. Even in his last few days he still had the energy to discipline us and we just looked at each other and kept quiet. I remember when we were little children, he will say, when he comes home from work he wants to see us in our corners with our books. We would go and play but we would be on the lookout for a tall man with his Stetson hat coming over the hill. We would bolt indoors and quickly sit in our corners with our books. Now and again we should get caught and we will get a spanking. Natasha and Nadine now you both know where daddy gets it from. It is not surprising that Sharon said that I am the next Appa.

He was a good teacher, I remember asking him, “Dad what happen to school” and he told me he was a naughty boy. He used to take his lunch and walk past the school and join the boys on the other side. He made sure that we never went past the school, His words were “The day you leave school, you must find a job, you will not stay at home.” Ronnie found a job before leaving school.

He was a deeply religious man and he stood steadfast in his beliefs. He conducted prayer at home and regularly took us to the temples, by your actions you made us strongly believe that a family that prays together, stay together.For this he was richly blessed, he became ill on the 28th of June but was discharged on the 17th July which was the start of the holy month of Aadi. He left us within this holy month. I know Dad that you are safe in the hands of our creator, someone you strongly believe in, the Supreme Queen of the Universe, Aadi Parashakthi, Mariammen Sakthi.

To his one older surviving brother and 2 older sisters, our condolences to you, you said goodbye to two brothers on the same night, the youngest surviving and the eldest. I can only picture the elder brother holding the hand of the younger brother and walking towards the heavenly abode to reach the lotus feet of your creator. On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for sharing your brother with us. You shared a good man.

Dad, you toiled hard, you did your share, and you grew up your sons and daughter into strong men and a woman. We Thank you, we love you, until we meet again, Go Well, God Bless you and may you rest in Peace.


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