Tribute from Shri Suria Narayan Temple

Legacy of Jagathamba Govender 02-Mar-1935 to 13-Apr-2007



Tribute from the Children of S S N T

This tribute is to say how much Guru’s mom meant to us. She was a Mother of great power, strength and faithfulness.

She was a mother of few words but her greatness echoes through the teachings and life of our revered Guru.

She was a role model to all the children of the Shri Suria Narayan Temple. She has taught us how to grow in the ways of our faith and how we must worship Arthie Parashakthie from our hearts.

She had a special way of giving us words of wisdom and encouragement. We will dearly miss our Spiritual Mother.

We love you, you were truly God given. We will never forget the exceptional way you carried yourself.

The Youth and Children of the Shri Suria Narayan Temple



Tribute from the Senior Citizens of S S N T

The dictionary defines integrity as being of sound moral principle, uprightness, honesty and sincerity; such was the life of Guru’s Mother – lived before God and the world.

She made every effort to live in a holy manner and walk in Gods divine light. The love you showed us was like the love of Arthie Parashakthie, it was of the highest quality.

You have left us the memory of a faithful mother, a woman who honoured God, you have maintained steadfast faith and integrity in the midst of your adversities. You remained loyal to your religion and faithful to the very end.

We miss you. You brought such special meaning to our lives. Thank you for depositing faith and spiritual knowledge into our Guru that we can today find comfort in our faith and direction back home, back to the wonderful Kingdom of God Almighty.

We will miss that special smile! Until we meet in the heavenly abode of Arthie Parashakthie…

Loved and remembered always

Senior Citizens of the Shri Suria Narayan Temple



Tribute from the Members of the Shri Suria Narayan Temple

To our spiritual mother

We are honoured to pay tribute to our Guru’s Mother, a mother of such fine caliber. She will be forever remembered for her dedication to her religion and for the great seeds that she has sown into her children.

They say ‘you will know the Root by the Fruit’. Loving, caring, compassionate and encouraging; these were just a few words to describe our Guru’s Root – our Spiritual Mother. She was and still is a gem to all of us. She helped where help was needed; she brings the word of God through our Guru to those who never believed; she waited where there was no patience and spread light to those who were in darkness.

Now, she waits for us in Gods Kingdom, lighting up the path to God and silently guiding us from solitude and unbelief through the ‘fruit of her womb’. Her spirit lingers and enchants our thoughts through our Guru. She will be remembered by different people in different ways yet the memory of her smile will resonate in all our hearts.

All who knew her will treasure the way she brought God to those around her. Her personality was unique, her generosity was admired and her optimistic character inspired both family and friends. The love of God that Guru speaks off was seen alive in her. She touched the lives of many individuals each in her own personalised manner.

She was the kind of Spiritual Mother who was that friend when friends were few and her invincible spirit to come to Temple even in the midst of her ill-health or bad weather conditions, made those around her feel challenged and grow in their love for Arthie Parashakthie. She taught by example that we will be safe and secure in Temple, the home of God. She was  a great stalwart, totally committed and faithfully executed her duties till the end. Tenacity, perseverance, endurance and faithfulness are some of the qualities that stood out in the life of Guru’s Mother.

She was a mother who possessed a positive attitude towards life, it was evident during her times of illness. She never complained. She always demonstrated a tower of strength despite her illness and always put God first. She knew God was in control. She always had a smile on her face, a person with great compassion and a woman of integrity. She had a heart of gold. Gurus mom was a true lady of faith and virtue.

Our Spiritual Mother, we could never forget you. You will remain forever in our hearts. There are many virtuous and capable women in the world but you surpass them all! Thank you for blessing us all!

With love always from

The Officials and members of the Shri Suria Narayan Temple

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