Message from Guru

Vanakkam, Prem Namaste, Namaskarum & Loving Greetings to all visitors.

Welcome to our Shri Suria-Narayan Temple Website.

Thank you for taking the time to log in and become another visitor into our Glorious pages of Divine Inspirations unlocking the Beauty, Majesty and Glory of our Most High God Arthie Para-Shakthie and Her countless manifestations. 

This beautiful web-site is culmination of a dream that we have had for a long time and it brings great joy to see it come to fruition. It has not been an easy task but after much difficulty and arduous effort, this project has finally outdone our greatest expectations by the professional brilliance and truly dedicated ‘hands’ of Mr Kresh Gounder, the National Operations Manager of Haimsa iT, a Top ICT Company in South Africa. My special thanks and appreciation to this devoted young man, who truly knows how to keep in touch with todays tech whizz generation.

Our Faith Based Organisation, started out with humble beginnings and with the consistant & tenacious faith of devotees over these past years, we have seen our Temple grow and expand, highlighting to us all, the need for such an Organisation as the Shri Suria-Narayan Temple in our community. It has brought together Hindus from all walks of lifestyle, backgrounds, language and cultural preferences, uniting us strongly in faith and our devotees look forward to their weekly get together every Mondays & Fridays 6.30pm to 8pm, worshipping in loving unity our God of the Most High!

We have had many testimonies of miracles and signs and we have truly been nourished by the fun experiences and exuberant Festivals and Celebrations that we constantly observe throughout the Hindu Calendar year and they not only inspire the large gatherings that flock our Temple but these memories will always have a special place in every devotees heart and spirit. We have many hopes and aspirations for the coming months and we pray to grow from strength to strength.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every individual from our Congregation & our Community that has assisted us over the past years for their kindness and generosity. There are far too many people who support us Physically, Financially and just with their Moral support but please accept this as my heartfelt thanks to all for everything you have done; are doing and will do ever in the future to keep the Eternal Flame of HINDUISM burning brightly for all generations to come.

I conclude by calling all my Hindu brothers & sisters to ‘TAKE A STAND’ in this season of aggressive ATTACKS on our Faith. Hindus are being persecuted the world over for believing and practising their Faith and Religious prayers through the evils of CONVERSION and CONDEMMING of Hindus. IF WE DO NOT TAKE A UNITED STAND FOR SOMETHING, WE WILL FALL  ALL TOGETHER FOR ANYTHING and taking a UNITED and DETERMINED stand for our Ancient and Original Faith & Belief will certainly put an end to any efforts of the ‘evil one’s attacks’ to destroy our RiCH Cultural & Religious inheritance so that ALL future generations may enjoy the blessings of the Hindu walk of life.


God Richly Bless you and keep you and your loved ones – nothing missing nothing broken.

Please invite family and friends to visit our website and lets spread the Glory of Arthie Para-Shakthie. Om Sakthie Para-Shakthie

Vanakkam, Prem Namaste & Namaskarum

Guru Amerasen

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Glory & Worship to our Supreme Mother Arthie Parashakthie

Fridays - 6:30pm to 8pm

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