About Us

The main objective of the Shri Suria-Narayan Temple has always been to promote and propagate our rich Hindu religion and culture. It is for this reason that we have a very diverse congregation and many religious prayer festivals are observed throughout the year. In addition to that, many community enrichment and support projects are initiated, for example, Diwali Hamper Distribution, Youth Skills Development and upliftment, Feeding Schemes for the poor and elderly.


On the 1st May 1990 a group of teenagers together with the elderly from the Phoenix Community formed the Redfern Bhajan Soceity (R.B.S). The main objective was to promote and propagate our rich Hindu religion and culture. The Redfern Bhajan Society achieved this by going around rendering Bhajans, Kirtans and spreading the word of GOD through discourses.

During the early 1990's the RBS Service Centre was established in Waterfern Crescent, Redfern, Phoenix in a single garage. This served as a worship centre and prayer services were held every Monday and Friday for the next five years. The garage served its purpose but soon it became too small because of the growing congregation.

In 1995 under the leadership of our Guru we negotiated for the use of an unfinished and dilapidated temple. With little financial resources and only the dedication and love of the devotees the temple was slowly made usable. We used masonite to cover the windows and tin over the dome and at times rain collected in buckets and dishes inside the temple. The opportunity to praise and worship was never affected by these adverse conditions. The determination of our Guru and devotees was unwavering and today you see a beautiful place of worship being enjoyed by the community.  Prayer Services are held every Monday and Friday from 6:30 pm to 8pm. Please come and join us for an invigorating and inspiring hour and a half. To all Hindus across South Africa, if you are ever in Durban come join us.


Shivarathri | Amman Poojay | Navarathri Pooja | Thaipoosam Kavady | Lutchmee Pooja | Saraswati Pooja | Chithiray Parvam Kavady | Govinda and Raam Bhajana Poojay | Ganesh Chaturthi | Genga Amman Poojay | Krishna Janmastami | Hanuman Jayanthi

Regular Powerful & Dynamic Prayer Services are held at our Temple


Glory & Worship to our Supreme Father Namashivaya

Mondays - 6:30pm to 8pm

Music Classes

Wednesdays - 6:30pm to 7:30pm 


Glory & Worship to our Supreme Mother Arthie Parashakthie

Fridays - 6:30pm to 8pm

Bhajan & Raam Bhajan Practice

Sundays - 9:00am to 11am